What Makes A Society

What Makes A Society

What is society? The term society can mean in a different way with one root of a group of individuals with the same objective. Whether a small or large group of people as long as they gather with one purpose and mutual benefits it is a society. They are with the same culture, the same territory, and the same belief. So what makes a society? Is a society that is not afraid to lead in a critical conversation. About what is important to the group or community. They also help society as a whole to help the government particularly indigenous people of their country.


An example of groups in society is the Society of American Archivist which is the oldest group of professional individual. They dedicate to the needs of individual archivists and archives. Their vision is to empower archivist to achieve professional excellent and foster innovation to ensure the identification. They are a nonprofit organization.


Today society is the most important thing. The society is what make up the city, states, countries and more importantly the world. We are not all the same, some are extroverts, some are introvert. Not all of us can go out and speak into people’s lives. But everyone can become a leader, the one that can go out to help and make a difference and better our society.

As an individual in a society needs to show people to love themselves so they can love others. We as a human was not created by God to go to war with each other. But we are created to love each other and embrace the society where we all love and live. As part of the society, each one of us has their own responsibility to make it a good or bad society. Let us be part the society where we are in.

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