About Us

TranceJen earned its reputation for gathering diverse, nonpartisan thought leaders. Also, creatives, scholars, and members of the public to address some of the worlds most complex problems. However, the purpose of these convenings is to have an effect on business in society. It creates to provoke, further and improve actions taken in the real world.

Trancejen is a refined community for influencers to unlock the resources, connections, and tools necessary to grow.


Every aspect of society connects with each other to have a dynamic nation. Whether in business, schools, and religion.


To support and promotes the development of the internet as the global technology infrastructure. A system to enrich people’s lives, and a force for business in society. Our effort line up with our goals for the business and society article to be open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy. We find teamwork all who share goals.

Our Focus

To build and to support the society that makes the business work. Cultivate and preserve a friendly and cooperative relationship among teachers, researchers. As well as, a practitioner in the field of business and organizational ethics. Support idea for a policy that is consistent with our view of society.

TranceJen starts with a group of individuals wants to develop business people to be active in society. And in vice versa what business expect in the society. For ten years now, TranceJen helps all individuals with the article. Further, to connect business and society with the help of the internet. As of now, with 300 members in all area of society and business TranceJen increase nationally.

The member

Ann Stewart a restaurant owner based in South Florida – President

Rey Johnson a school teacher in Fort Lauderdale – Governance Committee

Alyssa Generes – Finance Committee

Sugar Lewis a student in Los Angeles – Member blogger

Rhiann Evert – Member blogger

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